Eaton Bray Academy, Composition for Black History Month 

We could not fault it. All staff agreed that our workshop leader was considerably the best external workshop host we have ever had visit the school. He was engaging, inspiring and galvanized all of the children- even those who were reluctant to participate in music. Feedback from staff, children and parents alike sung praises of the workshop. Quite simply Aga exceeded all expectations and we really hope to use him again in the future! Outstanding! We will definitely be using The Music Workshop Company again. 
M. Willis, Eaton Bray Academy 

Debs Out of School Club, Musical Activities 

All of it, from booking to the day of the event. Maria was amazing as always with the children. Would recommend to others and will definitely use again. 
D. Eynon, Debs Out Of School Club 

Bibby Line Group, Team Building 

The whole process was great - from enquiry to booking was very quick and easy. Our musician was very flexible with timings around what worked best for us and on the day arrived on time to our venue so we could make use of the entire time slot. The workshop itself was absolutely fantastic, our teacher was very knowledgeable and patient with us, and we all had great fun in an activity none of us had done before. Overall, it was a great team building activity for us! 
Great fun! 
Z. George, Bibby Line Group 

Netherton Park Nursery School, World Music 

It was wonderful the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did the staff. {Particularly happy with] how the leader was able to be flexible to the needs of children with high levels of SEND. 
V. Elmer, Netherton Park Nursery School 

Watford Jazz Junction, Afro-Cuban Percussion 

Fantastic! We received brilliant feedback from parents and they mentioned how their children went home and showed off what they had learned. 
It was inclusive of all aged children and the workshop leaders were able to adapt easily to each child and their needs. Happy children and parents! 
S. Pearson, Watford Jazz Junction 

Manchester High School For Girls, African Drumming 

Excellent. Really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. 
Jo was so encouraging and easily captured our students' imagination! The equipment was also fantastic. The students had brilliant hands on access to music that they weren't previously familiar with and learnt a lot from the day. 
R. Hill, Manchester High School for Girls 

Capel Primary School, African Drumming, Samba, Composition 

Fantastic - will certainly use again. 
We had three workshops, Drumming, Samba and composition. The feedback from the pupils and staff was that the Composition workshop was outstanding, the leader was engaging, motivating and very skilled! 
S. Farr, Capel Primary School 

Handsworth Primary School, Samba 

When we arrived at the session the instruments were laid out on the floor with good space between them. This was excellent for Year 1. This helped the smooth start to the session. The leader was clear with his instructions - he kept them short and simple, also really good for 5 year olds. The pace of the lesson was excellent - not too fast but pacy enough so the children did not get bored or restless. What was brilliant was the children got to use the instruments almost straight away. The children really enjoyed the session, as did the adults. It was a really good experience for them and gave them an excellent introduction to Samba music.  
I. Lucas, Handsworth Primary School 

Colchester Prep and High School, Composition 

Ed’s approach to our varied group of students was fantastic. He had an open mind and calm approach. He was able to to inspire us. He gave clear aims that were achievable by everyone. Ed was also fantastic at giving me, as the teacher, a few tips on how to follow the work done to further their learning. 
We all enjoyed the session very much. Most importantly students found it helpful and inspiring. They were all able to produce something at the end. We will most definitely book again.  
M. Romero-Fernandez, Colchester Prep and High School 

Dunottar School, Improvisation 

Jez was absolutely lovely and did a fantastic job of giving the students just enough structure to feel confident to improvise. For example, I really liked how he led the group through the exercise of coming up with a word each and then using those words to inspire rhythmic/melodic ideas. 
Jez was also very good at pitching what he said at the right level: it was accessible to the Year 7s but also enough to stretch the older pupils in Year 11 and Sixth Form. 
E. Reynolds, Dunottar School 

West Rise Infant School, World Percussion 

Great musical skill and knowledge and Maria also showed she has experience with working with young children, as she had a lovely teaching style and good behaviour management too.  
E. Goff, West Rise Infant School, Eastbourne 

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Orchestra 

Dear Music Orchestra, Thank you for coming to teach us about the instruments in an orchestra - we had such a brilliant time! We enjoyed using chopsticks to drum on the floor and making lots of noise! The way the man played the violin was really beautiful and we also enjoyed learning about tempo. We are really grateful to you for coming in and teaching us so much, whilse making it fun at the same time! Yours Sincerely  
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Witney 

Copperfield Academy, Composition 

All children were included and given an instrument, children told a story and supported this in music, there was sufficient challenge but no child was made to feel like they weren’t doing as well. He went as far as to say everyone could be a musician especially using percussion instruments as we all have the ability to hit something which put our children at ease and meant one child particularly who is blind felt completely included. A brilliant workshop enjoyed by all, both children and staff. 
Leanne Talbot-Brown, Copperfield Academy 

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, Samba and African Drumming 

Excellent ... the booking process was easy and there was considerable support in arranging the workshops. The workshops themselves were superb - the students really enjoyed themselves and the activities were stimulating, matched the abilities of the students and stretched and challenged them. 
Mr B Chapman, Head of Music, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 

The Grange Community School, World Junk Percussion 

Years 1 and 2 completely enjoyed the workshop ... a very interesting experience for children and teachers alike. We would definitely recommend The Music Workshop Company. 
Janie McCulloch, Music Co-ordinator, The Grange Community Infant School, Addlestone 

Claremont Fan Court Preparatory School, Spoons 

What we received, was what we got. A workshop tailored to our needs and inspiring to the children taking part. A smooth, efficient, friendly service. Thank you. 
Judith Sitford, Claremont Fan Court Preparatory School 

Heyhouses Endowed C.E. Primary School, Ceilidh Dance Workshop 

The children had an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Maria and Nia were brilliant. Thank you so much for a wonderful day. 
Elizabeth Hodgson, Headteacher, Heyhouses Endowed C. E. Primary School, St Annes-on-Sea 

World Percussion, 1st Ickenham Scout Group 

We will definitely be recommending the Music Workshop Company to other local scout groups as well as to the district commissioner. 
Jonny Askew, 1st Ickenham Scout Group, Middlesex 

Yardarm Folk Orchestra & Sussex Orchestra, Orchestral Workshop 

The experience was seamless from the start and the workshop itself was brilliant. The Music Workshop Company immediately understood our problems at our initial enquiry ... booking the workshop was simple and everything ran like clockwork. The workshop identified and dealt with the main problems which are faced by the two orchestras that participated. The pace and style of presentation were very appropriate and they were delivered in a capable and confident manner which held everyone’s attention throughout. This is definitely the most valuable activity that our orchestra has done since its formation. 
Malcolm (Yardarm) and Eileen (Sussex) Orchestras, Benfleet, Essex 

Samba Workshop as part of the Chobham Festival 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it gave them the opportunity to work together to create a musical sound they had never experienced in school. 
St Lawrence Church of England, Valley End, Gordons and Coworth Flexlands Schools, Chobham 

Fircroft Primary - World Percussion 

All the teachers were really impressed with the workshop leader's teaching style – not speaking and controlling the children with just the use of gestures .... easy to work with – which is a real breath of fresh air! 
A Tatlow, Fircroft Primary 

Grace's Space - World Percussion for Charity Launch 

Thank you so much, we were delighted with our Rhythms from Around the World workshop .... It was a great way to break the ice and begin this exciting new chapter at Grace's Space. I'm sure you'll be hearing from us again in the future. Through the launch we were able to start building a rapport with the children and we got some very good feedback from parents, helping us to plan and structure future sessions. Grace's Space, Stevenage  

Fairchildes Primary School - Samba Workshop 

The workshop leader was brilliant and so enthusiastic! We had a great afternoon. The leader really worked our Gifted & Talented pupils and they enjoyed every minute of it; they were really stretched. We would definitely recommend The Music Workshop Company to others. 
Jo Hussey, Fairchildes Primary 

Churchers College 

In July 2010, we returned to Churchers College to run a mix of Samba and African Drumming workshops. These workshops are a regular fixture in the Churchers College Calendar and this was our third visit working with the students. 
"Excellent service – our year 9 pupils were enthused and motivated by the experience." 
Ben Gudgeon, Churchers College 

LIFE Wirral Sports School, African Drumming 

[Most happy with ] How the teacher was able to get our children so engaged. 11/10!!! Great feedback from all involved, the students received very well! 
S. Quilty, LIFE Wirral Sports School 

Egham Park School, World Music & Composition 

Simon was extremely flexible and had a good understanding of our pupils needs. The whole experience was a lot of fun - thank you! 
N. Foster, Egham Park School 

Clarendon School Primary Centre, World Percussion 

The workshop leader was engaging and responsive to the students individual needs and interests. All staff have agreed that the workshop was great for the students and we look forward to more of your workshops in the future. 
S. Allen, Clarendon School Primary Centre 

George Street Primary School, Introduction to the Orchestra 

Excellent approach with the children and this was adapted to the different age groups really well. It was a really good balance of explanations, playing and active participation. 
I want to include here some direct quotes from the children, which I collected afterwards: 
It was soothing . Brilliant – amazing. I liked it. They told us about the different instrument families. I’ve never met a real musician. In real life you can see all the fingers move. You can’t see that on tv. 
It was interesting to see people right in front of you. Seeing how fast their hands move is impressive. 
It felt like I was in a different word because it was so jazzy. It was magnificent. 
I. Bunclark, George Street Primary School 

Cockfield CEVC Primary School, Junk Percussion 

Professional and engaging workshop that developed the children's skills in music and wider listening/confidence. [Most happy with] the use of musical terminology and the level engagement with the children. 
C. Leaman, Cockfield CEVC Primary School 

Shire Oak Academy, Junk Percussion 

A great experience for the students. 
[Most happy with] All of it- Jo was amazing and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day. (Even some of our more challenging students). 
She maintained the engagement of the students throughout each session and had a great way with the pupils. 
A. Musa, Shire Oak Academy 

Hove Park School, African Drumming, Samba, Junk Percussion 

Really positive experience for the students. Everything is well-organised and efficient and we were very happy on the day. 
Enthusiasm of the staff in terms of their delivery to the students- they were engaging and worked hard with some of our less focused young people on a Friday in November. 
M. McKinney, Hove Park School 

Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School, African Drumming 

The lesson was well planned and delivered. Very straight forward to book and workshop was appropriate for the pupils.  
J. Estorninho, Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School 

CMC Partnership, Welsh Folk Dance 

The team was very relaxed and friendly. The service was excellent. Very easy to organise. Team was on time and communicated with the venue in advance.  
Z. Pritchard, CMC Partnership 

Thorns Infant School, Kenilworth, African Drumming 

Children really enjoyed the workshop as it was engaging and a chance to do something completely different. Huge thanks to Maria for her enthusiasm and knowledge. She even managed to keep all the staff team engaged at the end of a long day!  
A. Davies, Thorns Infant School, Kenilworth 

Maltings Academy, Junk Percussion 

Can't fault any of it. Workshops with primary schools and our pupils outstanding. Pupils engaged and loved the experience and opportunity of learning in a new way. How they were with the pupils, encouraging and demanding at the same time, engaging with them and keeping them focussed. Outstanding opportunity for pupils to learn in a new and fun way.  
L. Cracker, Maltings Academy, Witham 

New Hall Primary School, Improvisation 

Children had clear expectations and instructions to follow. Children were engaged throughout. Allowed to explore musical creativity. Excellent. Always a speedy reply, very helpful and musicians are always brilliant with the children.  
A. Degville, New Hall Primary School, Sutton Coldfield 

Saxmundham Free School, Cuban 

Hugh was very patient with the students and delivered an excellent workshop. Will look to use you again in the future.  
N. Phllips, Saxmundham Free School 

Uplands Primary School, World Percussion 

Brilliant. It was great to offer the children something that they had not done before and we will definitely be booking again. Maria clearly knows her stuff! 
C. Evans Uplands Primary School 

St Joseph's Primary School, Music From Around the World 

Well, we have reached the end of our music week and it has been absolutely wonderful. I wondered if you could let all the musicians know, again, how fantastic they all were. The children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed the whole week. 
We have enjoyed each and every workshop and it was lovely that the children got the opportunity to compose their own songs to. We thought everyday matched the expectation of that region well. 
Bex Heath, St Joseph's Primary School 

CMC Partnership, Welsh Folk Dance 

The team was very relaxed and friendly. The service was excellent. Very easy to organise. Team was on time and communicated with the venue in advance. S. Pritchard, CMC Partnership 

Thorns Infant School, African Drumming 

Click on this text to edit it. 

Krishna Avanti Primary School, Composition 

Very enjoyable, professional. [Liked the] Positivity of the musician. The tasks for the children. 
Sandeep Kaur, Krishna Avanti Primary School 

Market Field School, World Percussion 

[We liked] how Donal adapted the workshop according to abilities and needs of the children. [The experience was] really positive. 
Sarah Gallaher, Market Field School 

Cygnet Hospital, Harrow, World Percussion 

The facilitator was very experienced in managing the groups, involving everyone and adapting to the situation and specific client’s needs; time management; structure of the session. 
Therapy Department, Cygnet Hospital Harrow 

St Bernadette Catholic Junior School, Middle Eastern Percussion 

Matthew was excellent. I really enjoyed the ‘share’ assembly at the end of the day with the song “Zoom Galli Galli” and on the second day the children loved hearing the cello. Easy to Book. Good practitioner. Not too expensive. 
Joseph Riley, St Bernadette RC Junior School, London 

Milton Court Primary, Music Composition 'Differences' 

The children were thoroughly engaged in the workshops ...a fun day was had by all ... overall a very enjoyable experience 
J Pearn, Milton Court Primary, Sittingbourne, 

Claremont Fan Court Prep - Music Composition 'Rock'n'Roll' 

I was really pleased with the way the workshop leader got the children working as a group/ensemble from the start. Even as a whole year group, it made them focus on working together for the rest of the day. The material and songs chosen to demonstrate the points he was making was relevant to the children, and he made sure everyone was included and involved at every stage of the day ... would most definitely recommend The Music Workshop Company to colleagues. 
Claremont Fan Court Prep, Esher, Surrey 

Uxbridge High School - Samba Workshop for International Evening 

The outcome was excellent, the performances by the students at our international evening were well received and were enjoyed by both the students and the audience. We have had a lot of positive feedback. 
S Plunkett, Uxbridge High Shool Academy Trust 

Dundale Primary - Composition 

The whole experience was excellent. The pupils were so engaged and enjoyed the experience. The whole project was planned and delivered well. 
M Richmond, Dundale Primary 

Thomas Deacon Academy - 'Musical Future' Rock School 

We were using the workshop to encourage more uptake in our exam classes – the workshop leaders were SO enthusiastic the students really enjoyed the 3 hours. An excellent and professional service. The students (and teachers) really enjoyed the workshop. 
Ruth Fehrenbach, Thomas Deacon Academy 

Nelson Playscheme, World Percussion 

The children enjoyed using the ‘foreign’ instruments and exploring how they could make music with them. They were allowed to go about it in their own way, as the session was less structured than it would have been in a formal education setting which matched the environment we were in. The music leader was very knowledgeable and very patient with the kids … enjoyable, satisfying and informative. 
Mark Palmer, Nelson Playscheme 

Farsight Leadership, Team building 

Overall it was excellent. The workshop leader was a great facilitator and got everyone engaged in the activity … was very flexible … when the time available had to be compressed… it was a pleasure working with the Music Workshop Company. 
David Parkinson, Farsight Leadership 
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