The Music Workshop Company Coronavirus Home Learning resources 

During this challenging time, the Music Workshop Company will be sharing activities and resources to keep music alive in your homes. 
Feel free to explore the wide range of articles, top tips and other resources, or click on the links to find activities for specific age groups. 
If you would like resources on a specific topic please email Maria AT 

Our Favourite Home Learning Resources 

For those continuing with home learning - here are our favourite home learning resources. 

Poetry and the Joy of Human Expression 

World Poetry Day fell on March 21st 2020. This blog explores the links between music and poetry Read more. 

BBC Young Composer 2020 

Do you work with talented young composers? Be inspired by past winners of the BBC Young Composers competition. Read more. 

Stravinsky & Diaghilev – Anniversary of a Collaboration 

Interested in ballet? Stravinsky and Diaghilev collaborated a many famous ballets, here is the story of some of their less well known collaborations. Read more 

Wales - Land of Song 

Wales is famous for it's Male Voice Choirs and singing is an important part of Welsh heritage. Read more. 

2020 – the year of Beethoven? 

December 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. This blog explains should we use this as a reason to explore his work or is his work performed enough already? Read more 

Leopold Mozart: Composition and Controversy 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart might be the best well known of the Mozart family, but his father was also a composer and influential violin tutor. Read more. 

The Nutcracker 

Tchaikovsky's ever popular ballet The Nutcracker was first performed on 18th December 1892. Learn about the piece and it's origins. Read more 

Is Grime Dead? 

Grime emerged in the early 2000s in East London. Here's our introduction to Grime and Stormzy. Read more 

50 Years Since Woodstock 

Celebrating Woodstock defined as "the most popular event in music history". Read more. 

Clara Schumann – prodigy, performer, proponent and pioneer 

Clara Schumann - pianist and composer, over-shadowed in life by her husband. Read more. 

The Female Trailblazers : Women in Electronic Music 

Explore the work of some of the female pioneers of Electronic Music. Read more. 



Welsh Dance – A Living Tradition 

Wales is known as the "Land of Song" but there is a vibrant history of folk dance across Wales as well. Read more. 

Dungeons, Detail and Design 

In this guest blog we explore the work of Steven Coltart who composes music for gaming. Read more. 

Nationalism in Music: A Grand Expression of Political Turbulence 

Taking inspiration from the Eduqas A-level music syllabus, this blog explores Nationalism in Classical Music. Read More. 

Richard Rogers’ Oklahoma! The Story of a Game Changing Musical… 

A blog exploring the musical Oklahoma! to link to the Musical Theatre A-Level topics. Read More. 

Melody Amongst the Cacophony 

Celebrating the work of composer Helen Tobias-Duesberg on what would have been her 100th birthday. Read more. 

Kubrick and the Timelessness of Classical Music 

Marking the 50th anniversary of 2001:A Space Odyssey, this blog explores the music used in the Stanley Kubrick's film. Read More. 



Music for Video Games – Exploring A New Classical ‘Access Point’ 

Is Music for Video Games a good way to introduce young people to Classical Music? Read More. 

The Etiquette of Applause 

When should you clap in Classical Music concerts? An opinion piece from our Artistic Director. Read more. 

The Inspirational Aretha Franklin 

Celebrating the life of Aretha Franklin who died in August 2018. Read More. 

Leonard Bernstein: A Musician for all Ages 

Remembering the inspirational Leonard Bernstein on what would have been his 100th birthday. Read more. 

Debussy: Trailblazing Modernity 

Remembering Claude Debussy on the anniversary of his death. Read More. 

How Should we Sing these Songs? 

Words change their meaning through time - does that mean we should not sing certain songs? Read More. 

Celebrating the Centenary of Two Jazz Greats: Thelonious Monk & Dizzy Gillespie 

Honouring the centenary of two jazz greats - Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie. . Read more. 

The Influence of African Musicians on Classical Music 

This blog celebrates the contribution of African Musicians on Classical Music. Read more. 

Handel’s Water Music – 300 Years in the Charts 

Commemorating the 300th anniversary of the premiere of Handel's Water Music. Read more. 

Claudio Monteverdi: 450 Years of Inspiration 

Celebrating the 450th anniversary of Claudio Monteverdi, an influential composer even today. Read More. 

Opera Scotland, the Listings and Archive website 

Interested in Opera? Check out this amazing resource! Read More. 

Is Music Reading outdated? 

In this opinion piece, we explore the question of whether musicians need to read music. Read More. 

Nursery Rhymes – Literacy, Imagination and Identity 

Explore the meanings and history of nursery rhymes on our blog. Read More. 

Myths, Fairytales & Musical Inspiration 

Myths and Fairytales have inspired composers for centuries - explore some of our favourite fairytale inspired pieces! Read More. 

How Music Benefits Children 

We're passionate about music for all ages and abilities - here is the research to back up how important music is for children. Read More. 

Irish Song – A Window on History 

Explore the wonderful traditional music of Ireland on our blog Read More. 

Sol-Fa – Singing Through the Ages 

Doh, Re. Me - learn about Sol-fa or solfège. Read More. 

TV Talent Competitions: A Route to Success? 

This opinion piece discusses whether talent competitions are a good way to launch a career. Read More. 

Get Funky 

Learn about Funk and the Artists who made it popular. Read more. 

The Scare Factor: Musical Inspiration for Halloween or other times! 

Need some inspiration for a scary playlist for Halloween? Read more. 

The Concerto: Developing the Soloist 

Explore the development of the Concerto with this blog. Read more. 

Music in Film: Sound Makes the Story 

Explore how film composers use music to enhance the visuals on screen Read more. 

Music in Shakespeare’s Plays: A Window on Society 

In this guest blog, musician Emily Baines discusses music in Shakespeare's plays. Read more. 

Shakespeare: Inspiration in Music 

Shakespeare's writing has inspired composers for generations - find our about some of our favourite Shakespeare inspired workds. Read more. 

Musical Instrument Care 

Here are MWC’s top tips on looking after your musical instruments. Read More. 

The Piano Music of Chopin – Topping the Charts for 200 Years 

Explore the life, work and influence of Chopin. Read More. 

Concerts for Babies: Music Without Rules 

This guest blog introduces the work of ABC Concerts who make Classical Music accessible to families. Read more. 

Why not explore some new music or the history of music you enjoy listening to? 

Scottish Dance: A Rich Mix of Cultural Influence 

Scotland is famous for dancing - explore the different forms of dance on our blog. Read more 

The Extraordinary History of the Blues 

Explore the history and development of the Blues on our blog. Read more. 

Inspiring with opera 

In this opinion piece, our Artistic Director discusses her love of opera and how young people could be introduced to the Art form. Read More. 

Body Percussion - You Make the Music 

Explore how you can make music through clapping, stamping and clicking your fingers with our introduction to body percussion. 

A Focus on Listening 

In this opinion piece we explore how to introduce young people to music, inspired by an article by Nicola Benedetti. Read more 

English Folk Dance - Swords, Sticks and Ribbons 

Learn about English folk dance on our blog. Read more 

Pass the Spoons 

Did you know you can play the spoons? Read about this easily accessible instrument on our blog. Read more. 

Junk Percussion - recycling, design and music 

Explore how to make instruments out of junk on our blog.. Read more 

Discovering North Africa 

Read about the music of North African on our blog . Read more. 

Singing with Confidence 

Need to build your confidence to sing outside the shower? Check out our blog. Read more. 

All About Samba 

Explore the music of Brazil in our article on Samba. Read more 

Drumming is good for you! 

Explore the drums of Africa. Read more 
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